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How to be depressed properly

esotaria was reading her psych textbook here when she felt the need to comment on one of the examples in the book.

Anyway, just wanted to share this inanity from my psych textbook. This person seriously fails at being depressed.

Patient: I'm feeling even more depressed. No one wants to hire me, and I can't even clean up my aparment. I feel completely incompetant.
Therapist: I see. The fact that you are unemployed and have a messy aparment proves that you are completely incompetant?
Patient: Well...I can see that doesn't add up.

Wuss! Be strong in your self-hate! If it were me, I would have said: "Yes! If I'm not worth hiring, and I can't even do such a basic thing as keep an apartment clean, how could I possibly be considered competant?" Make the therapist WORK for his $100 an hour, damn it! ^_~
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