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I joined just to share this, part one of my sister, believeitup's account of her latest trip to NYC to perform with the university choir. This is her 4th such trip on her own in NYC, and her forced-upon-her buddy's first.


So I give up on him and go check on Barbie, who is dancing that xenophobic dance of, "OMG there's someone with brown skin near me!" when a cabbie approaches her to see if she needs a lift.
Barbie: *omghemighthearmecomplainingandblowhimselfup* D'you think it'd be rude for me to ask him to turn the heat on?
Me: *We're paying him a $200 fare--you tell me* Nope, go for it.

ETA: Crap, I forgot its a protected entry. She's in bed right now, but as soon as I get her permission, I'll put the whole thing here, or get her to unlock it, or something...
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