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What do you mean this thing is public?

I would hereby like to metaquote baylor_w. But especially this comment, in response to a friends request:

Um, you mean someone other than Kim actually reads this stuff? Hell, i don't even read it. i wrote a program that writes my blog by spitting out random words

Still, it wouldn't be the Internet if it weren't for random strangers, most of whom are either 45 year old men (in stormtrooper outfits) posing as 13 year old girls or African bank managers who knew one of the 152 millionaire relatives i had die in Africa last month. Oh yes, and i have learned that i am incredibly sexy to any number of hot, young, Russian chicks who want to get to know me better, although i suspect it's because they heard of the several million dollars i will soon be inheriting from my several hundred recently deceased cousins from Kenya, Tanzania, Zaire and any number of other places

Of course, now that i know someone is reading this, i'll probably stop posting. In fact, i'll likely go back and erase everything i've ever written so that nothing i say here will ever embarass me when i decide to run for president. If there's anything i've learned in the last two elections it's that you can't get elected without having a squeaky clean background

And the rest of that thread. Because he's just funny.
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