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A conversation she had with her boyfriend.

Me: "So, I read somewhere that 7 sneezes equals one orgasm. It's the closest you can come to the feeling of an orgasm without doing anything sexual."
Him: "What? ...Is that only for women, or something?"
Me: "No, it's supposed to be for either sex. You don't think so? I mean, it's like that tension, and then the feeling going through your body, kinda."
Him: "Um...I'd say it's more like a really tough poop."
Incredulous silence. Is this how it feels for men? A TOUGH POOP? Sex is like pooping? And what is wrong with him? "What?"
Him: You know, a really tough, crippling poop, and when you're done, it's like, 'Aah."
Me: "Well...maybe...but I think 'crippling' is the key word that makes it a little less than orgasmic. It's not really quite that same excited pleasure."
Him: "I dunno."
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