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Computer loff

cheezdanish waxes eloquent about her love for her new computer:

Holy crap this new computer rocks on like 18 bajillion levels. It rocks so hard it's screaming "HELLO CLEVELAND ARE YOU READY TO ROCK" and sweating on the groupies. (me) It rocks so hard it's made entirely of igneous, metamorphic and sedentary rocks. It is the epitome of rock, rock is in its soul, it's got an entire bus full of roadies divvying up the m&ms because it ONLY WANTS THE GREEN ONES.

It is sexy. It's sexier than two redheaded women having fake lesbian sex on some black sand beach in Hawaii. It's sexier than a really cut and built man wearing nothing but coconut oil and a smile. It's sexier than David Bowie's pants in Labyrinth. If I could, I'd fuck this computer. I'm lighting candles and chilling the champagne even as I write this.

It's beautiful. The screen is so crisp and clear it's like a button hook in the well water. The hum is so relaxing that I'm swaying slightly. The disk tray moves like a buttered cat on ball bearings.

Yeah, it's ok.

I particularly like the 'buttered cat on ball bearings' part.
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