Ardath Rekha (ardath_rekha) wrote in metaquotes,
Ardath Rekha


tamnonlinear, in a delightful post about Aurora the Octopus and her newborn babies:

*note: I love making plurals of the word 'octopus'. It's 'octopuses' if you treat it like an English word. It's 'octopi' if you treat it like a Latin word (which is isn't, but a lot of people treat it like it is, because the Latin language stole it from Greek). It's 'octopodes' if you treat it like a Greek word (which it is, but it's been a long time since we stole it, so there). It's 'octopods' if you're just being a little bit geeky - it's derived from the taxonomic name- and it's 'octopussies' if you're being a lot silly. I admit to making up octopuddykittens.

The replies are hilarious too.
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