Chestnut Girl (chrissmari) wrote in metaquotes,
Chestnut Girl

teh_kcuf wrote in __rant__,
fandom rant wank badger
Fandom is the thinking (wo)man's childish obsession. Usually, being a part of a fandom means you go beyond all reasonable means to be a psychotic fangirl/fanboy, including conventions, a glut of icons, and collecting figurines that are probably $50 cheaper than you buy them on eBay. Characters gain a soul. Kissing posters isn't out of the questions. Furthermore, people start thinking you're insane! Understandable, yes, but c'mon! Realistically, fandom is no different from cheering on a sports team with a season pass in one hand, and a brew in the other. Real fanboys and girls, too, don't take their fandoms so seriously that they become the majorly freakish people you see on MTV specials. I understand their need for having a hobby, but if you wanna attack one brand of fandom, why not go after superfans of any given sport? Especially when they're turning over cars for a VICTORY. So give fandom a break!

RIGHT ON!!!!!!!
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