Miyyu (miyyu) wrote in metaquotes,

Britney Spears

Apparently, Britney Spears reproducing is just as funny as it is scary, at least according to my friend bsquaredsf. (Posted with permission.)

adrienneee:why do we care that Britney Spears is pregnant?
bsquaredsf: we care that britney is pregnant if:
bsquaredsf: a) it means her breasts will get THAT MUCH LARGER
bsquaredsf: b) it means that men that are 20 now will have a cute britney like 20 something to ogle when they're 40
and so the future is secure
bsquaredsf: c) it's reasonably close to the wedding meaning that she MIGHT have had a shotgun wedding and wouldn't that be something for little miss innocent
bsquaredsf: and d) because the media tells us to.
adrienneee: hee
bsquaredsf: hopefully we will not be bombarded by the baby spears clothing line, etc.
bsquaredsf: or a new version of look who's talking with britney and baby
adrienneee: ew
adrienneee: god, ew
bsquaredsf: oh, and we also care because while jessica beat britney to getting married, britney beat jessica to having the baby and so while jessica gets the marraige reality tv show, britney may get the baby reality tv show
bsquaredsf: and everyone's brains will rot and damage will be irreparably done to the unborn children of today's teenagers
bsquaredsf: so essentially, britney's baby is the final sign of armageddon
adrienneee: the seventh seal, as it were
bsquaredsf: indeed
bsquaredsf: i hope it's a boy.
adrienneee: the antichrist!
bsquaredsf: that at least would make life interesting
bsquaredsf: because then he couldn't be a complete britney clone
bsquaredsf: it's too bad gwenyth already named her baby apple
adrienneee: oooh ooh!
bsquaredsf: because britney's baby could be apple spears
adrienneee: pickle spears!
adrienneee: Ooooh OOOH!
adrienneee: pickle LYNN spears
bsquaredsf: awesome
bsquaredsf: except the baby's going to be federline
adrienneee: who cares?
bsquaredsf: exactly
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