Jamoche (jamoche) wrote in metaquotes,

lukadia, one of my favourite web artists (and the source of my lovely Draco icon), took on a Chick Comic distributor at Sakura Con last weekend:

I got out my red pen and corrected the errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and so on througout the tract. I crossed out all but 3 of the Plagues of Egypt and wrote "redundant, please condense." I circled the places where the pronouns of God were capitalized, put in question marks and "Trite" where the language got flowery. At some point in the book, I circled an entire paragraph about torture and wrote "Good!" under it. Don't want to be COMPLETELY discouraging, after all! Finally, I got to the back cover and wrote my final grade: "D."

And under the grade, I put in a note: "Please see me after class. this is very disturbing."

Read the rest, it's great.
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