Have you ever been to Wilmington for donuts? (moodring54) wrote in metaquotes,
Have you ever been to Wilmington for donuts?

Loligoth, loligoth, oh loli, loli, loli....

rakugo_report wrote in engrish in response to this :

Gotta love the Goth-Loli's. I could never understand though how two wrong fashion statements could make a right one, or, more importantly, who thought of it first. Can you imagine?
"Hey Yuki, I have a great idea! You know how it's been so boring just being goth and thinking about death all the time? Well, why don't we become childlike slutty goths! That way, we can think of death and make money off of horney salarymen!"
"My God Setsumi, you're brilliant!"
"Yes, I know. Now shut up so I can think about death. And all the money I'm going to make..."
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