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Some beautiful Eminem/Harry Potter filk-age inspired by a comment made in this thread at pottersues.

"Y'all act like you've never seen OOC people before
Jaws on the floor
Like there's something wrong with a scheming, evil Dumbledore
And Snape spanking Hermione behind a closed door
In the potions lab, without his robes on
It's the return of the "oh, wait, no, wait, you're kidding...
"Ron would never say that in real life, would he?"
And Draco Malfoy said... nothing, you idiots!
Draco's OOC too, he's shagging my Mary-Sue!
All the fangirls love Tom Riddle: "Oh, my god, he's so evil;
"Look at him, walkin' around waving his wand
"Summoning up awful monsters..." "Yeah, but he's so cute, though!"

- ironychan
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