Nikki (opaleyes) wrote in metaquotes,

On Ron Weasley's character in the Harry Potter movies (From spiralstairs):

Mrs Weasley: Well, there's only one place we're going to get all this...Diagon Alley.

::Kate viciously maims her computer screen::

Jesus! Ron's just as bad in the Columbus versions! "Hi! I'm Ron Weasley! My main purpose in the films is to state the bleeding fucking obvious for some poor bugger chap arse who might not have read the goddamn books. My secondary purpose is to show off how much British swearwords Columbus and Kloves know because they're American arsehole wanker yankees and like to be impressive like that! Bloody, bloody, bloody, arse, arse, arse. Pip pip, cheerio, tea and crumpets, dead parrot, wink wink, nudge nudge." Seriously, that's like me saying, "Well, there's only one place we're going to get a pair of jeans...The Gap." FUCKING DURRR.
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