Kakashi Chan (serabut) wrote in metaquotes,
Kakashi Chan

Of Boyfriends and the Gay Subtext

... which made me snicker quite a bit, here, in the dead of the night.

Basically, hanishoney has discovered OkCupid, which is like... a match-making site with tests, like Tickle nee Emode. In any case, her boyfriend tariq_kamal is profoundly disturbed to find himself STILL doing this lightsaber test. Which she found very cute, because:

hanishoney: this is so profound, my Love. this is your repressed need for men, right there
tariq_kamal: NO ITS NOT
hanishoney: that's why you're so obsessed with light sabers. your sexual desire for penis needs expression!
tariq_kamal: :((

The post can be found here

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