Viki (nycsunshine) wrote in metaquotes,

I Believe We Call This a Meta-Meta

Quoting from mircalla35 in a discussion about the latest episode of Lost.

We were discussing in a previous post about the possiblity of dismembering Boone with a big sharp rolly thing, and I had asked if I was the only one who was cringing and holding my breath just at the thought, when mircalla35 said...

Good lord no, you're not the only one...I kept flipping over to the Home Shopping Network every few seconds because I couldn't stand to watch. It was all: WE MUST REMOVE HIS LEG OR HE WILL DI---And this bracelet is 14K gold, doesn't it look lovely on our model? -- THERE IS NO OTHER WAY, THE LEG IS DEAD! -- but call quickly, because supplies are limited -- LET HIM GO, JACK, HE'S DYING INSIDE! -- and next up, the matching earrings!
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