Ms. Katonic (ex_ms_katoni171) wrote in metaquotes,
Ms. Katonic

Property Law for Beginners

tybalt_quin has a few recommendations for those trying to sell their property:

2. Anyone planning to sell a property must ensure that said property does not contain decoration likely to make prospective buyers throw up
or spork themselves in the eyeballs multiple times. This includes, for the avoidance of doubt, the hanging of numerous pictures of naked ladies (both shaved and unshaved) holding bloodied knives against various parts of their naked flesh.

3. Anyone planning to sell a property should, at the very least make sure that their bathroom/shower room complies with basic standards of human hygiene. For the avoidance of doubt, this entails ensuring that your toilet does not contain all the remnants of your most recent diarrhoea attack and it definitely entails making sure that your bar of soap is not totally covered in pubic hair and then placed right next to the light-fitting so someone can touch it accidentally!

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