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PC Hell

seraphic_slayer is not having a good PC day:

When you're forced to restart your computer in Safe Mode where you think that this is it. This is the time where everything comes crashing down around your head and everyone will look at YOU and accuse YOU of murdering the computer.

They'll paint a scarlet "PC" on your bedroom door. They'll taunt you as you walk down the street. Then, some man with a buckle on his hat and a name like "Jebediah" will demand that you be sacrificed, less other PCs in the village succumb to your touch of doom. They'll come to your house and drag you out...tie you to a stake with old keyboards doused with gasoline at your feet...then they'll set them on fire and watch you burn as they read from the Windows XP owner's manual, praying that your soul be released to 56k Hell where it shall never harm another unsuspecting laptop ever again.

::shudders:: Why must computers come with so many safeguards that scare you when they start safely guarding?!

taken from here
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