I Dream of the Silk That Is Tangled Inside You (vaspider) wrote in metaquotes,
I Dream of the Silk That Is Tangled Inside You

Just Another Saturday

pouringsand tells us about her work weekend:

Not five minutes after I arrived, a customer who had just left scared the bejesus out of me by pounding on the glass by the exit door and screaming something panicky. I rushed over to open the door to hear what the hell she was yelling about and noticed smoke billowing across the parking lot. Hmm, I thought. That's not... usual. At first, the customer and I thought it was coming from one of the cars, but we soon determined that a shrubbery was aflame. A shrubbery. In one of the little median island-type things in the lot. Was on fire. For no reason. In the middle of a sunny Saturday afternoon.

The whole entry must be read, because it's laugh-out-loud hysterical.

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