Randall (quacx) wrote in metaquotes,

Peak Oil

saintbryan has written a very intelligent, appropriately non-alarmist (thanks to a great sense of humor) post about Peak Oil. I read the whole thing, and feel better for it. He was even kind enough to include a summary at the beginning. I highly recommend reading the whole thing, but of course this is the metaquote forum, so here's your quote:

"...So there’s the worst it could get. No wait, that’s not the worst. If aliens with 10 inch cocks invaded earth and butt-raped us all when we’re at our weakest, I’d say that would be worse. And then maybe some asteroids and legions of Robot Hitler Ninjas and acid rain. Bad bad bad!

Anyway, back to being serious. This all sounds pretty terrible. And unless you’ve already dismissed me as some silly apocalypse nut who doesn’t know what he’s talking about, you’re probably feeling pretty helpless about this whole situation. Well don’t. There are things you can do. Buying some guns and canned food and hiding in the woods is not one of them..."

Link to the post.
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