Sadari Evenstar (cairtirnin) wrote in metaquotes,
Sadari Evenstar

We hadn't heard from our friend Jessi in weeks...

... and then this showed up in her LJ last night,

wtf. I'm going to burn my fucking atlas before I even finish this fucking geography class fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck
how the hell am i expected to fucking finish labeling this map of canada if the ONE SINGLE SOLITARY MAP THAT THEY GIVE ME DOESN'T EVEN INCLUDE THE CAPITOLS OF PROVINCES
They include all these shitty ass rivers, but capitols?? of course not!!!!!!!!!!!!11 but then, I wouldn't fucking know what the fucking capitols are if i see one, because there's no FUCKING KEY
"Points of interest are shown through bold, underlined, or points, such as dots or squares, indicate cities, capitol cities, and points of interest."
So by these fucking standards neither Yukon, nor Northwest territories , nor alberta HAVE NO CAPITOLS., BUT SASKATCHEWAN HAS EIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

wtfEither Canada is super FUCKED UP, or I'm expecting too fucking much for each province to have a capitol city.

the thing that PISSES ME OFF is that i had to pay money for this piece of shit atlas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

let's include 20 pages dedicated the us, but 2 to cananda.
this atlas will be burnt very soon...and I will be looking for somewhere to live, as starting fires is considered a "fire hazard" in the dorms, and is reason for expulsion. kiss my ass, brockport. (

...further proving my point that all the world's ills can be blamed on Canada.
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