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Lit Geeks ahoy, I have subtext for thee!

In this post, tiamatschild watches the Disneyfied version of Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Seas. The film isn't as good as she'd hoped, and she has this to say about the A./N. subtext and the fact that those two get nearly cut out of the film to make way for action!hero!Ned:

Actually, I think that decision probably went something like this:

Producers/Scriptwriters: Okay, Professor Aronnax, Captain Nemo? This is a Disney movie, so we’re really going to have to ask you to tune down the romance novel vibes, understand?

N & A:...Yes.

A Little Later

N.: Bah. The harpooner is pretty but also clearly stupid, and the assistant is just an obstacle… Professor Aronnax, though… Yes. You I’m keeping.

A.: …Squeak.

Producers/Scriptwriters: Dude, what did we just

N. & A.: Sorry?

Producers/Scriptwriters: You so totally aren’t. Okay, we’ll try this again.

Still Later

N: *rescues Ned and Conseil from a shark*

A: *reaches out for N, almost as if making sure he’s not hurt*

Producers/Scriptwriters: Darn it, this just isn’t working. We’re writing you two out.

N. & A.:...How?

Producers/Scriptwriters: We’ll think of something.

This is so totally what happened. I believe it. I believe it.
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