Amanda Sharpe (amandathegreat) wrote in metaquotes,
Amanda Sharpe

There're a couple more funny bits in the rest of the thread.

I just keep wondering what that army was like outside of combat.

I mean, here you have 150 ASS-STOMPING motherfuckers, undefeated, totally ripping the shit out of WAY bigger armies. Then after the battle, they all go and get a manicure, maybe coif one another's hair? I imagine two of them soaking in a mud pit afterward....

"I tell you, Menecles, I thought I was so about to perish back there, with those pointy little spears raining down like autumn mist!"
"Yes, but you know what they say about those Etruscans." *rolls eyes, waves nail file* "They're all show, but when it comes to actually poking it in, they haven't got the shaft!"
"Oh, you bitch!"
"You got that right, girlfriend."

flemco, on armies who historically allowed, nay, encouraged gay soldiers, unlike America's "don't ask don't tell" bullshit
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