Slipstream (slipstreamborne) wrote in metaquotes,

I would feel guilty if I let this slip by without being metaquoted, as it radiates much awesomeness. Background: pikakao’s friend Kat “was really tired and sleepy and needed to finish math, so [pikakao] made something to distract her from falling asleep.”

What follows is the epically illustrated tale of Mr. Chips, of which I will give you a small sample:

Chien: title or description
Chien: Then Mr. Chips, with much determination, made a great escape.

Chien: title or description
Chien: "OH SHIT," screamed Kat, with much larger eyebrows, "OH SHIT!"

Follow the link for the rest. Warning: Lots of pics, but they are quite small and shouldn’t kill dial-up users too badly.
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