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A bit of funniness posted by use_theforce_em a few days ago. Cut for two naughty words.

A spancel: a ribbon made from the skin of a dead man, by cutting a long strip of flesh starting at his right shoulder, going down his arm and then back up on the underside to the armpit, down the side and all the way down the leg, then back up the leg all the way to the crotch (don't ask me how they got that to work) then down the other leg, all the way around the other side till the left shoulder was reached. That's a nice span of ribbon. Or as Emily said yesterday, "That's one long fucking spancel!"…

It was believed that if you tied the spancel on (or around possibly?) the head of a person you loved whilst they slept, they would fall in love with you. That is, of course, unless they woke up while you were tying the pretty ribbon, in which case, you would be dead within a year.

This is black magic, naturally, and Queen Morgause stole one off of the dead body of a man her husband had brought home to be buried. That bitch! Keep your ugly hands off of other people's stuff! And King Arthur for that matter! 'Cause he's your brother and just... ew.

I found it highly amusing.
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