Erin (erinpuff) wrote in metaquotes,

Aerobics with the Phantom of the Opera

rainbowjehan's brain is mad:

Right, so. This morning, [...] I was doing my aerobics [...] and at the part where one does squats, Madam Smith said unto me,--

"Don't bring your fanny below the level of your knees."

A perfectly innocuous thing to say. However, Soujin's mad little brain instantly shouted,--

"And raise up your hands to the level of your eyes!"

I still cannot say why.

As a result, I have, all morning, been plagued with a vision of Erik leading an exercise class. I can see him now, ugly, dead, adorned with mask and probably a gratuitous cloak, crying in his mellifluous voice,--

"And take it to the side, and one, and two, and three, and four--last time! and one, and two, and three, and four--now lift your knee! Higher! Higher! Now take to the ground, low," &c.

It is a horrible picture. I do not understand myself at all.
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