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scott_lynch is master of t3h funny. From Customers_Suck. Go read the whole thing, it had me in tears. x)

"Our CEO says, "Now, if you'll look at all of these contact information fields, you'll see that you have a wide array of available information about this particular contact, whose name happens to be..."

And then our CEO turns to read the screen for the first time, and he seizes up. Freezes like a prisoner of war in an old WWII movie, crawling out of his escape tunnel right into a German spotlight.

Client CEO (chuckling): "Go ahead! Tell us the contact's name."
Our CEO: "Mr... Mr. Retardo Assface Fuckenstein."
Client CEO (keeping a straight face): "And who does he work for?"
Our CEO: "Uh... he works for... the, uh... Smelly Shit Corporation."

Things kinda went downhill from there. ;)"

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