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And yet people will still follow them....

Now, Terry is still keeping busy and writing to us from heaven. In her post here there was a discussion of "Chiccans" (a.k.a. Christian Wiccans) and disgruntledgrrl made the following comment:

Chiccans.... (head explodes before I can begin sputtering)
See mixing and matching religions is a lot like clothes. If you do it right, you can start a whole new trend - but most people just end up appearing tacky.

And yet people will still follow them.
Case in point:
Religion: Chiccans (more than one)
Fashion: In the 80's wearing spandex, leg warmers, a mini skirt, tennis shoes, 3 watches (Swatch watches no less) and the rest of the image hurts.
Hmmm irony: both groups had central figureheads named Madonna.

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