The Ronin Esper (cmzero) wrote in metaquotes,
The Ronin Esper

Free association!

mullenkamp shows off her standard thought processes by quoting an IRC conversation...

<Dark_Eternal> That guy x Drew Barrymore just makes me sad
(some minutes later...)
* Mullenkamp glances up. For some reason I read <Dark_Eternal> That guy x Drew Carrey just makes me sad
<Mullenkamp> which makes me think
<Mullenkamp> Drew Carrey + Drew Barrymore. They get married and become DREW CARREYMORE
<Dark_Eternal> heh
<Mullenkamp> then they have a kid and name him Jim. He grows up to star in a movie... Jim Carrey and Jim Carreymore in... DUMB AND DUMBERMORE
<Mullenkamp> except the people typo the name of it and call it Dumb and Dumbledore and JKR sues
<HectorMayCry3> Andrea, you just broke my brain :P
<Lakupo> Are you sleepchatting, Andrea?
<Mullenkamp> ...see, this is why I can't hold normal conversations with people. My brain logic works like this normally.

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