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Worst. Gifts. EVER.

_siddal_ shares a friend's tale of woe about

Horrible Gifts from Grandma

~An empty box ("for you to put things in!")
~A huge tub filled with Slim Jims
~A Foghorn Leghorn baseball cap, at age 23
~Two boxing puppets - one was Margaret Thatcher, one was a Martian - at least these were kind of funny
~A canvas bag filled with empty yogurt containers
~A calendar from a year that had long since passed
~Several magazine circulars
~A HUGE machete-like thing that said "Cozumel" on the side - I don't want to know what she was doing with this one...
~Our wedding gift was a mold-infested Pump Pot thing - you know, the things coffee shops put coffee in - with a psychedelic 60s print on it. It went right in the trash - honestly, someone could have gotten seriously ill using that...

Ah, Grandma. I'll be sure to let you all know what we get this year... "

Also, from the same post:

"I have actually learned a valuable lesson from Grandma - a scapegoat can be a wonderful thing. LOL, recently Robert Miller lost my husband's very expensive Persol sunglasses... I know *nothing* about it, and did *not* leave them at the library..."

Read the whole thing -- the saga of Robert Miller is a hoot!

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