real life dropout and online overachiever (rynne) wrote in metaquotes,
real life dropout and online overachiever

Gigglefest 2005

This is meta of a meta-meta (meta cubed?), but since it's all pretty much gold, here are some of the highlights.

sarcastro: See, I have a friend who tends to giggle like a wee lass. I often call him Giggles McSchoolgirl.

eimran: ... Some days when I'm feeling girly, I just want to throw on a tiara and squeal that I feel like a princess.
sarcastro: Me too! hahaha

And I'm not even a girl. :P LOL
eimran: BEST PARTY EVAR: A few months ago, I was at a fairytale themed party at one of the houses on campus... ... it was the BEST TIME EVER to see a bunch of SOBER college guys circle up on the floor and play Pretty Pretty Princess.

sarcastro: I'm hoping it's not a Tickle Me Calcinator™, however...

You tickle it and it spurts spoilt milk.

God, that's dirty.

eimran: Not as much as waking up and finding the Burger King leering at me in my bed while I sleep--holding out some sort of horrible meaty breakfast sandwich, thinking it'll make up for the fact that he's IN MY BED WITH ME.

Ahh, just go read the rest of the comments in the entire post. Funny stuff.
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