Dana (eighthcloud) wrote in metaquotes,

metaquotes cherry being popped

lost_in_my_room was discussing with his brother the vat of horrid that is reality television. They decided that the old show Gladiators should meet Interior Decorators. This is their collective vision of what it should be like:

...for instance, post game analysis would be something like this: "Well, Pyro's team got two walls painted green, hung up a painting of a sad clown and threw out the old couch. that's 30 points for each wall, 20 points for the couch and 10 points for the artwork. meanwhile, Nitro's team knocked down one of the walls Pyro's team painted, giving them the 30 points for the wall instead. they also set the sad clown on fire, taking away Pyro's ten points alltogether. Nitro's team managed to hang new drapes for 20 points and set a vase on the mantle for 10 points. Pyro's team burned the drapes and smashed the vase over Nitro's head, bringing the total score to 50 points for Pyro's team and 30 points for Nitro's team. we'll see you next time on Interior Gladiators!"
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