Resident of Spring Street (pknight) wrote in metaquotes,
Resident of Spring Street

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My friend rin_kali loves her dog, but...

It has finally happened. My dumbass dog has finally out-skunked the skunk. I was walking the dog just now (it’s like. . .9:30) and I saw him chasing what looked like a black cat that didn’t seem to be in too big a hurry to get away from him. Turned out is was a skunk. That’s when I started to smell skunk. Now this dog has been skunked no less than ten times in the last two years by this same skunk, so I groaned and started smelling all over the dog to see where the skunk stink was. But there wasn’t a drop on him. Not one. Apparently this skunk has given up trying, because the idiot just keeps coming back for more. Not even a skunk is going to bother wasting stink on this stupid dog. How sad is that?!
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