Maree (ms_maree) wrote in metaquotes,

phone operator

From: girliejones after the house next door blew up, destroying her windows and roof.

In the middle of the chaos yesterday, a Telstra guy calls me to check up on my satsifaction with my plan:

TG: HI! I'm Cameron from Telstra!
gj: Cameron? Are you trying to sell me something?
TG: Ho Ho Ho... Well I
gj: Because I'm next to the house that blew up yesterday..
TG: A house blew up?
gj: Yes a house blew up yesterday and I'm in the middle of dealing with it and now is not a great time to ask me anything
TG: Well I was just going to ask you to fill in a survey about your satisfaction with your Telstra plan
gj: Cameron? My phone rings and I think that's bloody fantastic!
TC: Perhaps we can do this another time
gj: You do that Cameron
-- end call--
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