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nekoama Posted here about...a metaquote.

"But I'm posting my song here for my own amusement.

First I was afraid - I was pretrified.
The so-called quote was so lame I could've died.
But I spent about a minute, thinking how I could do it wrong
And I grew strong
And I dragged this thread along...

If he comes back!
From outta space!
He'll find his quote is dead and shat upon,
Random comments all over the place.
Did he bother to read the rules,
Did he think that this was cool,
Well now he'll be a lesson to all those other fools!

This won't survive! This won't survive!
We're overtired, underfed, LJ keeps us alive.
If you post something stupid, obscure or really mean,
We'll come to your little posty and knock your head off clean!
This won't survive!"

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