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Oh, that crazy pope....

I made an entry about tired confusion of what The Cardinals had to do with the Pope. To which my cousin responded anonymously....

"The Dodgers traded him off back in '62. He played with the Cardinals for 6 months but they let his probationary contract expire. The reason why was never conclusive, but there are reportedly some sealed FBI files with his name on it entitled, "the soap incident." He played in the minors for 1 year, quit, got divorced, and began selling Amway products.

You might think that would have been the last you'd hear of him, however, during his Amway years, he patented the idea of molding soap around a thick string, allowing bathers the convenience of hanging their soap on their shower handle. This was years before the development of "shower caddies." Soon, he signed a partner deal with Amway to distribute his religious figurines molded into a bar of quality soap.

This was how "Pope on a Rope" was born. The soap came in assorted scents from fruit served at "the last supper," and other biblically themed scents. His success was almost derailed, however, when one year he made a Mary Magdaline soap on a rope that smelled like fish.

Today, the "mary" soap is worth thousands on Ebay.

Soon after, he started doing revival tent shows around the south, hawking the Bible, and his assorted soaps on a rope religious figures.

I can't remember what happened next, as the Federal Trade Commission forced him to leave the country, and newspaper accounts were sketchy at best.

Whatever else happened, they made him Pope.

Ask your dad, I'm sure he remembers when that stuff was going on."

I thought it was rather funny, considering the many mentions of Pope on a Rope lately.
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