Sarah DarkGryphon (darkgryphon) wrote in metaquotes,
Sarah DarkGryphon

puts it all in perspective

I suppose this is where I do the traditional "first post to this community" heads-up. My theory is that we all do that in a sometimes vain effort to defend ourselves ahead of time... ;)

darkrosedragon had this to say as a comment on a friends-only post where I waxed nostalgic for my days of living in the Twin Cities and specifically performing in the Rocky Horror Picture Show cast up there (for various reasons I had to move back to my much smaller hometown):

"Take up photography silly girl!! That's one of the few things in this town to be able to be artistic with. There's so much nature that you'll never remember it unless you start taking pictures, and that's art, and that's expression w/o the gothy emo people =)"

Edit: Thanks to everyone for the icon love, it makes me feel all special inside! =P Unfortunately...whoever gave it to me apparantly didn't give me credit info. Oh well, at least I'm not claiming it as my own original work?
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