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I don't know how many of you will get ANY of this...

...but sometimes the real fun of a deathly serious RPG chat is all the behind-the-scenes bullshit. ;) Samples from the link:

Eomer: *holds Legolas up and looks at him in in confusion then at Aragorn*
EomerMun: [silent Eomer. like Silent Bob]

Aragorn (to Viggo Mortensen): You could pass for the heir of Isildur. I would not simply ride into Gondor with no warning. Can you imagine how they would see that?
EomerMun: ["Oh, see, with this magical application of soap we're safe from all mix-ups..."]
ImrahilMun: (*snort*)
ViggoMun: [*DIES*]
AragornMun: [*thump*]

EDIT: And hey, while I'm at it, go here. :)
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