Sunfell (sunfell) wrote in metaquotes,

Vatican email

theferrett has some thoughts and the email of the Pope's passing:

When a Pope passes on after a long reign, his apartment is surrounded by the faithful, who watch for signs of his death. The traditional first sign of the Pope's death is that the fabled Bronze Door, beneath a portico just off of St. Peter's Square, is closed - but that's not always accurate. Some believers say that the true first sign is inevitably the closing of the shutters on the Pope's apartment.

Or, in these days, an email is sent.

But though the news tells us that technology has trumped ritual, what is less known is the content of the email that was sent out when the Pope passed away. Fortunately, I have it here.

To: Eddie Marty Somalo <>
From: Jim Harvey <>

Subject: OMG!!!!!!!!

THE POEP JUST DIED! can u beleive it? i thought for sure this was the apocalips. anyway, get on that puffy smoke thing.

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