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In this post, cowboyloverxxl recounts a conversation she had:

Curt: So Matt Skiba or Aragorn?
Kerry: For what, like to defend my honor or just to make out a little?
Curt: Make out.
Kerry: Well i'd have to go with the heroin addict rock star then.
Curt: Aragorn not hot enough for you?
Kerry: It's not that, it's the whole "make out" thing. Aragorn seems like an "all or nothing" kind of guy.
Curt: Yeah you know he's all about bearing successors.
Kerry: F'real. I don't think they had the "base" system in Middle Earth. It was like homerun derby--out of the park or it didn't count at all.

Check out the entry from March 25th as well, in which she recounts a day in the life of the Easter Bunny
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