Limited Time Offer (lto) wrote in metaquotes,
Limited Time Offer

kag_obes's response to brusselsprouts post on how long it took Bush to respond to the Red Lake shootings:

Well, first he had to figure out how to spell Minnesota. Then, he had to find a globe to make sure Minnesota wasn't a terrorist nation or something. THEN he needed to find Minnesota on the map. Once he found Minnesota, two days later, it took him another two days to find Red Lake, which is the largest lake entirely contained in Minnesota. He'd been snorting a lot of blow to stay awake for this project, so he chugged a few beers and drove to McDonald's because he finally had the munchies. Upon waking up the next morning finding he'd passed out face-down into his Big Mac, he wiped the special sauce off his face and made his stupid statement.
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