🌹 (la_petite_singe) wrote in metaquotes,

From la_belle_ange's "Gerry Butler: An Owner's Guide," referring to Phantom!Gerry:

Edition VII GERRY - Often called a "madman" or a "murderer," the Edition VII GERRY is merely misunderstood. He would never harm you, only those who tried to hurt you; therefore, he would make a very good bodyguard. Obsessed with music, he can sing you to sleep at night or play the piano or violin. He is also a very skilled carpenter, dollmaker, and composer. Before activating your Edition VII GERRY, make sure there are no CHRISTINE or RAOUL units around. If your unit is exposed to the former, you will lose him forever, while if he sees the latter, he will fly into a rage and stop at nothing until the RAOUL unit is dead. Moreover, never try to remove the Edition VII GERRY's mask, unless you want him to lock you up and never let you go... which might not be such a bad thing.

You've really got to read whole damn thing to get it; I assure you it's worth it. :D
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