_ (6timesattempted) wrote in metaquotes,

Forever_fallen from a FO post...posted w/ permission. Cut for the womanly time.

I woke up this morning and then I took a shower. I used my new "long and strong" shampoo to help with growing my hair out. I shaved my legs with shaving cream from Aveeno that's supposed to prevent those little red bumps (ingrown hairs). I got out of the shower, wrapped myself up in a fluffy white towel, and went to my room to get dressed. That's when nature played it's prank on me. I looked down at my now red towel.

"Oh my god!" I thought to myself. "Did I cut myself shaving? Was I bleeding?!"

"Haha!" nature said in a mocking sneer. "You were late this month, so...April fool's!"

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