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By my friend magicien

The terms Maintainer vs Moderator
"In terms of LIVEJOURNAL (and its infinite clones), I would like for you all to at least meditate on the following:

Open communities are open.
They are NOT moderated communities.

MODERATED communities are when entries do not appear right away (after a user has posted them). They must be APPROVED by a moderator before appearing.

An original maintainer is the user who originally created the community. Then, there are co-maintainers who help manage the community.

In moderated communities, there are two different classes. Moderator (one who can approve or disapprove entries in queue) and Maintainer (one who has control over community info page, etc.).

I am posting this because I see the term "moderator" highly used, and the term "maintainer" ignored.

Just to let you know!

This is in no way trying to get at anyone who owns a community and calls themself a mod :P

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