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from >lj user="nalidoll">, and by the way, this post has turned into apetition to the livejournal gremlins :)

Dear LiveJournal Gremlins..

yes, you.. i know you're in there. i know you thought that you were well hidden and could go about your mischief gleefully unworried about detection, but i was not fooled.

i was not even fooled by your attempts to use the mercury Rx as a scapegoat as you escalate your little pranks. it was a good plan, but it is exactly what i would have done myself, in your position. that made it very easy for me to see through your little game.

i would like you to please stop eating my email notifications. yes, the words of my friends are often quite tasty and satisfying.. and yes, i know there is a shortage of good writing out there for those with appetites like yours.. but this isn't just a random chance for fun and play for me, though those things do have a part in it. i use this journal as a real means of communication, and that is very important to me.

i would like to suggest that you consider changing your diet to center around lj drama, instead. there is never, ever a shortage, so you will not have to worry about going hungry, and really, no one will miss it. it isn't as meaty as some of what you nibble on in journals like mine and my friends', but you may find that some of it has a bit of a kick, and it often tickles a bit as it goes down.

i thank you for your time, and i ask you please to consider what i have said. you are, of course, welcome to the comments from anyone i just haven't thought to ban yet.. i will, in fact, fwd those to you should you miss them. working together i believe we can find a solution that leaves everyone satisfied.. or at least, everyone who matters.

the ragdolli

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