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A WTF?!?! moment brought to you by kantayra

In this entry, Kantayra takes a walk and sees something odd.

So, anyway. I'm walking innocently through the park, minding my own business. And then, suddenly, I see something red out of the corner of my eye. It's red and round and I just assume it's a red ball some dog or other dropped. I walk on and ten or so feet down the path I find...a potato. I frown. Potatoes usually don't rest along paths. I keep walking. Another ten or so feet and there's another red thing. Except this time I stop to look, and it's not a ball. It is, in fact, a tomato. I blink, go back, and discover the first anomaly was also a tomato. I follow the trail further and find another potato. Except this one is pointing in the direction of a tree twenty or so feet off the path. I follow the potato trail, and it leads me to yet another potato by the foot of the tree. This potato is pointed in another direction, and yeah. You get the picture. I follow several more potatoes and eventually arrive at...a squash. *double blink* From this point, I am unable to locate any further bizarre vegetable markers. I conclude that the squash was the end of my little scavenger hunt. *triple blink*

So, I ask you all: What. The. Fuck?! o.O Is this the lamest Easter egg hunt in the history of the world? Is it some retarded form of modern art? Are potato-shaped aliens poised to take over earth any minute?

And in the comments:

evenstar_estel:The day of reckoning has come! Repent! The Potatoes have landed! The Potatoes have landed! With them is their armed fleet of Tomatoes, resistance is futile!

All hail Lord Squash, our new God!

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