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Sadly, this is stuff I've seen and heard Christians say...

Human: (on his knees) I can’t believe they just let Puva into church today- we all know she can’t behave.

God: She is my child, and I understand about her brain injury.

Human: But weren’t you ashamed when she shouted out in the middle of the quiet prayer time “I love you, Jesus!” We all know that there’s a time and a place for that, and a time and place for quiet.

God: I wish more people could say that.

Human: And you could smell the alcohol on Betty’s clothes today! I couldn’t believe she came to church.

God: Where else should she be? She knows she needs me, today more than yesterday.

But… she was out drinking last night.

Yes, she was. And she came back to me today. She now knows that it’s a team effort to beat alcoholism.

I never drink! Besides, did you see that unmarried couple holding hands? I heard they even live together.

For all have sinned and fallen short of my glory.

Still, still, I never had sex outside of marriage. We never do anything that could dishonor you.


And next to them, that gay couple. I don’t know why that preacher let them in… I tell you, you made a mistake letting that preacher come to our church. She just brings in all sorts of undesirables. I never cottoned to a woman preacher anyway. It’s unnatural.

You’re telling Me what’s natural? I gave her the gifts of administration, of speaking, and of preaching. I gifted her and brought her to your church.

And I’m telling you, they let just about anybody in here these days! There should be standards, there should be rules.

I gave you My only Son, and you want more than that? He died for your sins.

But God- the church is so crowded these days, what with the adulteries, and the fornicators, and the diseased.

And the loved.

I don’t see how You could love them. You made it too easy to be a Christian.

You want to talk about shortcomings? Fine, let’s start with your two by four. Remember on Wednesday, when you thought so strongly about buying that homeless man a warm meal, and then walked on? I was telling you to do that man a kindness.

But, Lord, really… I was there to make a donation of clothing to the mission. Something practical, something that could help them, not just enable them to sit around all day, in their own filth.

You could be so kind as to give them your castoffs, but not the first fruits that I gave you. That man gave up his bed the night before so that a pregnant woman could have a warm place to sleep and a hot meal to eat. He did it because he loves me.

But he’s homeless! He’s worthless.

To Me, he’s worth more than a star. But, while we’ll assigning value, let’s talk about Friday night, when you went to the coffee shop with your bible study group. You were not thinking pure thoughts about your waitress while you ate. And after you sat there for three hours, taking up room that she could have been using to make money, you left her a dollar.

That’s 20 percent, Lord. I did what I was supposed to.

The college student in the group saw what you did and emptied her wallet to make up for it. She showed kindness to the waitress. The same waitress who works two jobs trying to earn enough money to support her children.

Single mother, huh? She deserves to have it rough to make up for her sins.

Wife of an enlisted marine, actually. She hasn’t heard from her husband in two weeks, not since his unit went into battle. Same woman who bought the homeless man supper on Wednesday.

And did you hear that Rebecca won two thousand dollars in the lottery- I can’t believe You didn’t punish her for playing it. Gambling, no good ever came of that.

Rebecca, after she gave the waitress the tip, found that lottery ticket on the ground. I guided her eyes to it.

I can’t believe You actually care that much for someone who goes out partying.

I never said Rebecca was perfect… she’s My child.

God, I can’t believe You…

And there are times I can’t believe you either. I love and I judge. I try to the very last breath to show man my love. You try to project hatred.

I don’t… I just believe You gave us rules and somebody ought to make sure that men follow them!

So, you’ve decided to do that for Me… and in doing so, you make it harder for people to hear Me. Because of you and the way you stared at her, Betty may never come back to church. The cold shoulder you gave the same sex couple sent them running from Me… and it’s taken years to lead them into My house.

God… I thought I was doing what you wanted.

I’ve asked you to love justice, to love mercy, and to walk humbly… But I forgive you.
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