haiduc (fyre) wrote in metaquotes,

In this entry, perfect_beaker introduces us to a night out at Perkins, a trip to Wal*Mart, and her new Superhero name. While the trip to Perkins was the highlight of the entry, the entire thing was.. well, damned funny.

Some highlights:
I *accidentally* nailed rmars39901 in the mommy-daddy button with a ball while we were horsing around playing dodgeball in the house. I was aiming for his chin.

Then this table of 4 got set next to us, and it was these little teeny-boppers who kept comparing how many felonies each of them had, the girls talking about resisting arrest and having to go to court this week, the guy saying, "they were like, all talking attempted murder, but the bullet went into the mattress, I missed her.

The man proceeds to pull up his shirt and say, "I don't know what she stabbed me with, but these Band-Aids should be okay."

At this point, the twink that ran outside with the pie came back in with a pretty wig on, and we decided it was time to get the fuck out of dodge.

...and let us not forget the troll that's precipitated many rather amusing comments to this entry. Obviously he hasn't been trolling all that long.

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