The KGB is available to answer your questions. (purplesocks) wrote in metaquotes,
The KGB is available to answer your questions.

Adam Moo, something that I'm convinced would only ever happen to him..

Today as I was driving to work, I heard on the radio "caller number 8 to (whatever number) will win..."

so I picked up the phone and dialed the number.

The phone picked up and the girl goes "congratulations you're caller 8." She asked who I was going to take with me, and I said I had no clue. She said she'd go with me if I couldn't find anybody, so I said it was a date. She goes "what's the only station that gives away great prizes?"

I had no idea what radio station I was listening to. I had to look down at the radio and go "uh...89.1?"

Apparently I won two tickets to the Rochester Nighthawks game on Saturday night. I don't even like lacrosse.
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