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With permission from phantasmrose, I quote:

"You know what I wonder? I wonder if all those people writing the Star Wars EU books sit down and think "Gee, would such-and-such character REALLY do this?", or do they just go for it and make them do whateverthefuck they think is cool, or needs to be done to further their stupid plots? Because I'm skimming through a few older EU books, and I really have to wonder what crack some of these people are on. I mean, who would honestly believe Luke Skywalker would suggest sending small children off to the middle of nowhere, away from their parents, to be safe from spoOoOOoOooOoky dark forces that might be after them? I don't. I think that's BS, and it's out of character for Luke. It's also EXTREMELY out of character for Leia to actually GO ALONG with it. The Leia I know from the movies would have said "Luke, I like you a lot and respect your whacked out powers, but you need to shut the hell up and let me raise my own kids." And then Han would have nodded emphatically.

Gaaahh. Die, EU, die."
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