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At last, a link between creationists and Mordor!

irrationalrobot compares the war between science and creationism in our schools to the battle for Middle-earth:

For those playing at home, here are the core arguments of the bad guys:

. . . 4) (almost doesn't count, as he doesn't make it out of the second book with any power) Saruman, the power that betrayed us to the shadow in the East: Anthony Flew, a rather unimportant atheist philosopher who announced rather suddenly that he read a science book he didn't understand and concluded that the universe must have been designed. Once the troops marched to his door for an interview, and he confessed that he thought the universe had been designed by a "cosmic Saddam Hussein," we left some giant tree-people in the philosophy community to tend his garden and the forces of Mordor became a little embarrassed.
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