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An interesting story from deesarrachi (she originally told me when we were at a café, but she then wrote it in her journal as well).

Interesting thing of the day: While we were at the mall a few days back, my brother spotted a Jesus figurine. So, to call me over, he says, "Hey, Beth Ann, look, it's that guy."

Of course, I'm not psychic, nor can I see the figure, so I ask for clarification.

"The guy from the Bible!" he responds.

Hoo-boy. So, Mum and I walk over, and lo and behold, it's Jesus! OMG!

So, we insult my brother a bit, and he defends himself, saying, "I thought it was his father! Not God, the other guy! You know, Mary's wife!"

Take a moment here, you'll probably need it.

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